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It is tough to get onto the property ladder in today’s tough financial climate and with the increased price rises on utility bills, fuel and food, it can be a rather daunting, time consuming and difficult process (if you don’t know where to look) to arrange a mortgage deal that is right for you. If you are coming to the end of your fixed rate mortgage deal and want to start looking and searching for mortgage quotes that will save you money and are on more favourable terms, then please fill out the above mortgage quotation form and a trained financial mortgage advisor will scour and search many thousands of mortgages in order to find you the best mortgage terms, tailored to your particular circumstances.

Finding a mortgage can be an emotional, stressful and tiring process, especially if you’ve not done it before and are confused with the various types of mortgage, rates and quotes that you’ve seen. Wouldn’t it be just easier if you could simply compare the vast amount of mortgage deals out there in order to find yourself the best deal, taking into account the mortgage length, monthly repayments and rates?

That’s where Squirrel Financial Management Ltd come in. Being expert financial advisors and having many years of experience in helping people find the best mortgages as well as saving the customer time and effort (as well as a headache) in the process. After all, our mortgage advisors know the current, best deals that the market has to offer and ultimately what would suit your requirements the best, as we deal with lenders and banks on a daily basis. and you can be assured that whatever your circumstance we will endeavour to search the whole mortgage market for the cheapest mortgage rates and repayments, saving you money.

Simply by entering how much you would like to borrow, the value of your property, along with some other specific information, we will then be able to provide you with a free, no obligation mortgage quote.

The benefit to using our online mortgage quotation system, is that there is no obligation to purchase, the quote itself is, we will do the work and find the best deal and as we aren’t tied into a particular region or area in the UK, we can work with you wherever you are based in the UK. There are no credit checks at this stage of the mortgage process.

There will be No Fee for a quote, however we will charge a minimum of £495 for advice, while the actual fee that we charge take into account the complexity of an application together with personal circumstances such as past or present financial difficulties. The maximum that we will charge is 3% of the mortgage amount capped at £4,000. 

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